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Low-visibility wire net

  • Low-visibility wire net

Low-visibility wire net

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A special tool placed around the perimeter to protect particularly important territories is a subtle obstacle. It is made in the form of a structure based on a thin wire, which is designed to entangle the feet of the offender. When you try to free yourself, the wire tightens and immobilizes the intruder.

An unobtrusive obstacle can be installed:

on fences;
on the ground;
on roofs;
on the walls of buildings;
in areas where violators are likely to pass through.

After installation, the fence takes the form of a three-dimensional grid.

Our company supplies this product both for the FSB and MVD divisions, as well as for the protection of strategic and large industrial facilities.

Recently, this barrier has become popular for protecting the perimeter of non-military facilities, such as large agricultural holdings, creating exclusion zones, etc.
Design features of an inconspicuous obstacle

Structurally, MZP is implemented in the form of weaving of ring garlands based on high-carbon steel wire with a certain diameter. The rings of the garlands are connected by twists of soft wire.

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