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AKL-EGOZA-the latest electric shock perimeter system
"AKL-EGOA" is a new generation system for the use of electric energy in ensuring the security of sta..

"AKL-EGOA" is a new generation system for the use of electric energy in ensuring the security of stationary objects of departmental and civil purposes for protection (protection) from unauthorized entry and physical impact.

AKL-EGOZA was developed by Russian specialists who have extensive experience in the production and application of protective electroshock systems and is based exclusively on the Russian element base, which makes it possible to produce and maintain the system independently of the international situation.

In contrast to existing electroshock perimeter systems, AKL-EGOZA uses an innovative single-pole principle of energy excitation that allows electrifying any metal engineering barriers without the use of a ground wire. This means that the intruder being reliably isolated from the ground will still receive an electric shock.

Existing electroshock systems electrify only their elements, usually steel wire. To influence the violator, a separate grounding electrified element is used. Or the intruder must be grounded himself.

Engineering barriers used in the device of the electric shock system "AKL-EGOZA":

- galvanized welded wire mesh;

- spiral and flat safety barriers SBB AKL and PBB AKL;

- steel cables and wires of various diameters;

- decorative metal elements of fences;

- grilles, shutters, metal doors.

Another very important difference between the AKL-EGOZA system and existing electroshock systems is the use of 25 kV voltage. This allows you to confidently counteract the intruder, who uses protective rubber gloves, thick clothing, and also allows you to break through the insulation materials of tools.

The applied voltage in other electroshock systems of 8-10 kV is not able to penetrate the insulating protective materials. In addition, when the ambient humidity is high, the voltage in such systems drops to 0.5-1 kV, which makes them practically useless.

The AKL-EGOZA electroshock system can be easily integrated with any alarm system. In Addition, the system can be equipped with unique high-voltage voltage sensors, which allow monitoring the presence of voltage on the electrified elements. м