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Metal fence POST O3-288


The stand is a structure made of a metal corner with a dimension of 50x50x3 (there may be changes in the design according to Your TOR). The height of the product is from 2 to 3 meters, depending on the terms of the TOR.The surface of the pillars is covered with two layers of soil base and protective paint (color of the Buyer's choice). The tip of the structure is sharpened on both sides with sections of 105 mm.

The rack also has 12 hooks.They have the following characteristics:

maximum height-30 mm;
maximum width width-13 mm;
the distance between the hooks 70 mm;
the distance to the first hook (from the end point of the structure) is 820 mm.

The main purpose is the installation and fixing of barbed wire products, razor barbed tape razor wire.
The advantage of this product is easy installation, no special skills and special tools are required. As well as the speed of fastening the components of the barrier, due to the presence of ready-made hooks.