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The system consists of :

BPI-pulse Converter block.power pulse Converter PDS the rooms that are

BWU is a high-voltage amplifier unit.high voltage amplifier of PDS the rooms that are

Be-barrier electrified ozds barrier electrified against rodents

The principle of operation of the system is that when a rodent approaches the system, a characteristic sound of an arc breakdown is formed in the air gap between the rodent and the system, accompanied by a bright flash and the formation of ozone, i.e. the effect of lightning.
The use of PDS the rooms that are

residential building,
schools, pre-schools,
social culture and catering facilities,
bases and warehouses for storing food cargo and feed,
tunnels and communications of engineering networks.

The advantages of this PDS the rooms that are as a method of disinfestation

● properly designed and installed OSDs saves the building from rodents and does not allow to settle in a new building;

● the entire rodent pack leaves the equipped building;

● rodents are not used to the device;

● there is no need for regular bookmarks of poisons with the formation of corpses of fallen animals;

● the impact does not lead to the death of the rodent;

* rodents do not die, but leave the equipped facility;

* the Exodus of rodents from equipped facilities does not lead to an increase in the number of populations on neighboring, not equipped facilities;

● there is no need for regular inspection of rodent disposal traps;

● the device does not cause industrial interference;

● exposure is safe for living organisms;

● high-voltage exposure is provided by a single-pole circuit;

● there is no need to use a return wire;

● eliminates the need for contact with rodents during the operation of the system;

● the system has a short payback period and is cost effective;